SNOW ANGELS (part two.)


I staggered forward toward the snow-covered cabin.  Its creaky old bones were desolate and I couldn’t imagine that it would provide many comforts for me. It was gray and squarish with carved out animals on the side boards.  Beads and bells hung here and there and the windows were black and covered up.  It was strange and haunting.  My mind made up all sorts of scenarios where my life ended in some jeopardy or serial killing.  It appeared to be the killing cabin.  It was smokey and covered in soot and mystery.

But what could I do?  I was freezing and I knew that this was the way stupid people died sometimes…running into the woods in the middle of a terrible snow storm.  Frozen like statues… like idiots.  I was an idiot to do this.  They were going to find me dead and frozen like a dumb animal.

The cabin was all that was in my mind.  I imagined a warm fireplace and food. It beckoned me like a warm bed or baked cookies.  My vision blurred and I saw the cabin as a sanctuary.  It was a place that I could hide.  A place where I could think and clear my head maybe.  It called to me sweetly and I realized my hands were numb.

David!  The added bonus was Cynthia wouldn’t find me or know where I was.  Maybe she would think I was dead.  Maybe she would be completely distraught and regret dumping me like that.

I loved her so, why didn’t she feel the same way?  I didn’t know things could change so much in such a short time.  I didn’t even have time to argue or anything.  What she did was totally unfair.

The cabin was my only option, so I trudged forward and put my right elbow into the door.  The door swung inward and I burst inside and slammed the door shut behind me.  My hands were freezing and I jammed the left one into my blue jeans and pulled out my Zippo lighter.  The lighter had an American Flag painted on it and I lit the sucker up.

My hands shook and my teeth chattered as I looked around the dark and cobwebbed interior.  It was shadowed and yet there was something inviting, it was hard to describe.

Wiping my right hand on my pants, my eyes scanned the room.  There was an old cot to my far right and a wood pile.  To my left there was a work bench with knives and hammers and pliers laying here and there.  In the center was a wood stove and I moved up to it and began shoving bits of wood and paper I found to make my fire.  Click, click, click and the fire began in the stove.  I blew on it, fire needs air to thrive.  It didn’t take long and soon I had a decent fire going.  I peeled off my wet clothes and hung them near the wood stove.  I was still freezing but I knew that wet clothes led to hypothermia.

I looked around and realized this was either a fishing cabin or hunting cabin.  There might be food, although I wasn’t really hungry, I searched anyway.  I found a barrel half full of what appeared to be dried sardines that stunk to high heaven.

I realized that the cot had three blankets on it, so I sat and quickly wrapped my naked body up and pulled  the cot near the wood stove.  I was warming up slowly and felt somewhat human again.  I shoved more wood into the stove and slowly moved my hands in front of the orange fires.

She would feel bad once I was found and had to be hospitalized.  She would feel so bad for her stupid words and her stupid lecture about how irresponsible I was acting.

I fell asleep on the cot dreaming of her face and that oh so lovely voice that haunted and left me bemused and she would love me again.  She would love me again.

I slept soundly.  I had been bone-tired.

I heard the coals in the wood stove rattling and wood being shoved into place there and realized in my sleeping state that someone was in the space with me.  Someone had entered quietly while I was sleeping.

My mind was swimming as I pushed myself awake.  Wake up damn it!

We locked eyes.  I had never been alone.

He had been here the whole time.  He was watching and listening quietly somehow.  I was in danger and I was paralyzed with fear.

He gripped my face as I wanted to scream out and all i could see was his eyes.

He had devil eyes.




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I fled down the hill and into the snow trying to erase what she had said.  I ran kicking up the ice and inhaled.  Gulping and running down into the gully, I had to get away from her.  She can’t find me right now, no.  Not while I had tears blinding me and my head aching.  My hands were wet and freezing and heavy.

“David!”  I ignored her.  How could she say such things?  I meant nothing to her.  Did she just come to the realization this morning while we had breakfast?  She was so beautiful and smart and vivacious.  Now she didn’t want me.  Maybe she never cared at all.

The woods were deep and covered in white, luscious cold blankets of unforgiving wet.  I was up to my shins and running. south I think.  I heaved in gulps of frozen air and felt the pang of terror.  What if she follows me to try to smooth thing over?  What if she wants to be friends?

I could never be friends with someone who so casually ripped my heart out.  Could I?  She would be oh so condescending and outline what friendship is and what it isn’t.

I could hear her somewhere in the distance yelling my name and I tried closing myself off.  She was ringing in my ears, “David!”  But I wouldn’t listen.  I dare not listen.  She would make me weak.  My heart was ruined and things could never return to the moment before she broke-up with me.

I stopped running so I could catch my breath.  The snow was coming down in layers of fluff and I turned to look for my tracks.  I hadn’t even brought a jacket on my haphazard trek down into the deep woods.  I was freezing.

My tracks were almost completely buried.  What was I thinking? Running off in the middle of a terrible snow storm?  I started to run back up the hills and in Cynthia’s direction, but I no longer heard her yelling my name.  I could only now see what was in front of me.

A small cabin.

It was dark and lonely and unpainted and the wood looked layered and unfortunate. There were no lights or movement and I needed to get out of the storm. I fixed my gaze on its deep meaning and knew it meant salvation.

The cabin in the dark snowy woods.




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This post is about writing, well sort of…

Hello my friends:

Some of you might already know that my wife and I had to put our beloved dog, Cosmo to sleep.  Cosmo was purchased as a puppy by the two of us long before we were married.  He was a pug of great character and a true friend.  He was with us for eleven great years and he was a true-blue friend and first-rate companion.  As a pug, Cosmo, was not the smartest cookie in the jar, and surely wasn’t the greatest athlete or the most heroic…but he was loyal and sweet and a charmer.  All he ever wanted was something to snack on, and lap to take his nap on.  He will be sorely missed.

Regardless, I do want to talk about writing.  Over the years, I have spent much of time writing comic scripts for artists, and editors and companies that no longer exist or never saw the light of real publication.  Some of you know how that feels, some of you don’t.  But I want to share with you something that has made a huge difference to me.

I have discovered the world of New Pulp.

New Pulp is a genre that is taking the scene by storm and there several publishers.  Some publishers prefer classic pulp “public-domain” characters and some publishers prefer character-driven stories that use original characters and themes.  Regardless I feel like my writing style fits in Pulp and I am attacking the genre with passion and drive of a two-fisted cowboy looking for a horse to ride.

Here are some of the projects that I have on completed and some simmering on the burner.

1. My comic script five-page short story, titled “Der Geiger” has been accepted for publication at Time Bomb Comics.

2. My prose story titled “Exile From Avalon,” has been accepted for publishing by Pro Se Press.  I am learning the ropes of Pulp under the tutelage of a new friend Derrick Ferguson.  I was referred to Derrick by Editor-In-Chief Tommy Hancock, and Derrick took the time to help me edit this story and make it publishable.  Thank you both!

3.  Derrick in turn, advised me to query the great Air Chief Ron Fortier at Airship 27 Productions.  After reviewing my query the Air Chief requested a two-page writing sample.  I needed to show that I had a basic understanding of Pulp and could write action that is key to the genre.  I wrote a two-page action sequence for my character “The American Fighting Seahawk,” and waited for Ron’s response.  I was rewarded with the opportunity to write a story for Airship 27.  The assignment is a 15,000 word story involving a character called the Purple Scar.  This assignment has been rewarding and I hope that my finished draft is green-lighted for publication.

I intend to keep everyone up to date on my progress!

Thank you and hug your pets today.

J. Ramos


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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

Hello Everyone.

I have started blogging and primarily my goal is to use this blog to discuss my experiences as a writer.

I invite anyone and everyone to take part in my discussion/experience, leave comments and overall enjoy or ignore what I have to say.

This is my first blog, but I will put more about my background and writing in the next Post.


J. Ramos


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